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Sapphire hair transplant is one of the advantages of technology in hair transplant operations, which is a rooted and extended treatment day by day, the graph of success is increasing.

In addition to achieving more natural results in operations performed with sapphire inserts, the healing process is accelerated. Sapphire Slots was used special inserts made of real sapphire and the slots are minimal. There is less vibration during grooving, where the hardness, sharpness and durability of the sapphire tip are adjusted.

In the first place, thanks to its antibacterial and smooth surface, there is less tremor during application and, therefore, both trauma and tissue damage are minimized. If sapphire tips are used, more frequent seeding can be achieved, which increases the success rate, especially in patients with severe detachment. Because the sapphire tip has unique numbers for each region, which gives the specialist who opens the channel a stable channel experience.

Sapphire fuel hair transplant operations are not a separate method, it is a type of innovation within the scope of the fue method.