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It is a surgical procedure performed to correct the deformity of the nose. In this procedure, the bone and cartilage curvatures that prevent the patient from breathing are also corrected.

His nose is too big for his face, curved, arched or incompatible with his face and this situation damages his self-confidence; You can have a nose job and benefit from it.


This is evaluated both inside and outside the nose before surgery. If there is a curvature of the cartilage and bone in the inner part of the nose and swelling in the meats, a plan should be made to be removed during surgery. In the evaluation of the shape, the nose is photographed at certain angles. Your doctor will work on the computer and make some sketches and give you information about your possible postoperative image. This is not intended to show your postoperative image. The goal is to determine what your doctor can do and what you want.

If you have a major illness, a medication that you use regularly (such as aspirin), you must share before the operation.


You must stay in the hospital for 1 night after this operation; Swelling may occur in the area of your face for the first 1-2 days. Silicone pads that do not prevent breathing will be placed inside the nose and taken within 2-7 days. You will not feel pain when removing the pads. The metal and plastic protector placed on the outside of the nose will be removed after 7 days.


The first week, the head should be 45 degrees tall with 2 pillows. Again, during the first week of the week, it is normal for a mild, watery leak of blood to occur along the edges of the nose, which can be gently cleaned with gauze. After surgery, you can sneeze without closing your nose and mouth. Sports, such as football, basketball, volleyball and boxing, should be avoided for at least 3 months after surgery. The glasses should not be worn for at least 3 months after the operation. The start time is 7-10 days; It is recommended to use at least 50 sun protection factors in the first 3 months.