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Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is the process of removing hair follicles from the appropriate parts of the body (back of the head, chest, back) and transferring them to the place where the head has an opening. Hair transplantation is a type of tissue transplant. In the current technology, the hair follicles are taken one by one and after the end of the reception process, the channels where the hair will be placed are opened with the side slit method and then the follicles are placed in these channels.

With this system, a 100% natural appearance is achieved and the person undergoes a much more comfortable surgical procedure. Hair transplantation is performed with local anesthesia. The day after the hair transplant, the person can return to normal work and social life.

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  • 1. STAGE

    Shaving & Root Consumption

    The person is taken to the operating room and shaves the hair. Root uptake is done with the help of a micromotor after local anesthesia.

  • 2. STAGE

    Front Line

    After the end of the root absorption, the frontal hairline is formed according to the wishes of the person and the number of roots taken and the regions where the roots are planted are determined. After the determination of the anterior hairline and the area of hair transplantation, local anesthesia is performed in this area. Then, the channels are opened by the side slit method.

  • 3. STAGE

    Root Placement

    This is the stage where the roots will be placed in the channels. The roots taken with the help of precision pointed tweezers are placed in the open channels with the help of the tweezers. Then the neck is dressed and the operation is finished.


There is no limit to who can have a hair transplant. Anyone who does not have any serious chronic illness can receive a hair transplant. Eyebrows, mustaches and beards can be applied not only to the deficient area of the hair.

The gaps that form due to the reasons detailed below can be filled with a hair transplant ;

  • • Male pattern hair loss
  • • Areas of baldness caused by scars or scars
  • • Surgical scars
  • • Traces of old technique (FUT) of hair transplantation
  • • Few areas of hair
  • • Low number of eyebrows, bears and beard
  • • Congenital regional hair loss
  • • Certain areas of the scalp are rare in women


Hair transplantation with the FUE method is the most technological hair transplant method. The FUE method has been developed and applied in our country since 2004 and with this method, very successful hair transplant results are achieved. We, as a Liva Hair hair transplant center, do hair transplantation with the FUE method unless there is a special request from our patients.

In the FUE method, hair follicles are taken with the help of micromotor and punches and this leads to more natural results. In the FUE method, punches of 0.7-0.8 mm are used, so that the neck area heals in a very short time and there are no traces.

Advantages of the FUE method ;

  • • There are no cuts or stitches left in the neck area.
  • • Postoperative pain is much less than before.
  • • With the FUE method, more hair follicles can be transplanted in one session thanks to the hair transplant.
  • • The FUE method can be taken from other parts of the body (chest and back).
  • • The FUE method allows the person to return to normal life in a much shorter time.
  • • FUE results are much more natural in hair transplantation.

When all these advantages mentioned above are realized with expert personnel, you can have healthy hair that grows healthily throughout life...

Before hair transplantation

  • • If possible, do not smoke 24 hours before the hair transplant operation, try to reduce it if you cannot. Keep in mind that smoking will prolong your healing process.
  • • Do not use aspirin and derived anticoagulants one week before the operation.
  • • If you have a continuous medication, consult your specialist and ask if you will use it.
  • • Do not apply any local medication to the scalp before the operation.
  • • Do not drink alcohol one week before the hair transplant operation.
  • • When you arrive at the hair transplant operation, take clothes that you can wear and take off easily after the operation. (shirt, cardigan).


  • -Your hair will be washed in our center for 3 days after the first operation.
  • -Wash with a special lotion and shampoo until day 15, once a day, every day, as described below.
  • -Distribute the amount of lotion poured into the hair transplant area by lightly pressing the hand and never rubbing.
  • -In this area, the lotion should be left for 45 minutes to soften the shells and clots.
  • -Then rinse your hand with warm or cold water gently without rubbing this area.
  • -Immediately after applying the same shampoo with your hand in the same way and never rub the abundant and light foam movement until you crawl until you wait and rinse with warm water without waiting.
  • -You can dry your hair with a soft towel by pressing it lightly and without rubbing it. Or you can dry your hair at a warm temperature by keeping it remotely with the hair dryer.
  • -After 1 week of washing, you can lightly wash the planting area by rubbing.
  • -10 days after washing, the remaining shells in the planting area will negatively affect the healing, you should pour if there is.
  • -Our doctors will call you in two weeks.
  • -You can wear hats on sunny days until your hair grows.
  • -After 2 months of hair transplantation, you can enter the pool, bath, sauna and solarium.
  • -2.5 months after hair transplantation, acne can occur in areas where it is planted.


The front line is one of the most important points of the hair transplant operation. When drawing the hairline above, the number of roots taken should be taken into account, as well as the person's request and the person's age, as well as the anatomy of the face. For this reason, it must be created by experts. Remember that the front hairline is the biggest indicator of Naturalness after the operation. In our center, we create an anterior hairline that is more suitable for the amount of roots and anatomy of our patient's face, and we capture 100% naturalness by completely planting a capillary root in the anterior line.


Remember that hair transplantation is not just a procedure applied to men. Hair transplantation can be performed in women and very successful results can be obtained. The biggest advantages of our female patients are that they can perform operations without any scar on the head without cutting their hair.