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Gastric Band (Stomach Clamp)

In 1983, Polish surgeon Dr. Kuzmak described a new method for the surgical treatment of obesity and in 1986 he published the results. This method, whose goal is to obtain early satisfaction by creating a partial stenosis at the entrance of the stomach as a logic, has become very popular in the 90s and has been applied to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. In recent years, it has declined in popularity and has almost reached the point of no use. This method, also known as gastric forceps, is applied laparoscopically like other surgical procedures and the criteria for the suitability of the procedure are the same as other methods. A silicone band is placed about 2-3 cm below the junction of the esophagus and stomach. A small tube connected to the tape is connected to a receptacle that we call the port ‘. This camera is placed under the skin of the abdomen during the operation. The band gradually inflates by administering serum to the reservoir under the skin approximately 1 month after the operation and provides a narrowing of the stomach entrance.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the gastric band procedure?

The gastric band has no advantage, except that it is technically easier and recyclable (the stomach is not cut, the band is removable). On the other hand, it is an attempt to conceive many unpleasant complications. Mainly, a foreign body is placed in the body and the human body reacts to the foreign body. The loss of efficiency (migration) of the inserted band and the fall of the band into the stomach by creating erosion in the gastric wall (erosion of the band) are serious complications of the procedure. Partial stenosis caused by gastric access causes acid reflux to the esophagus in most patients. Complications that require removal of the band develop in approximately half of the patients who have suffered gastric bands. Another disadvantage is that it makes the technique of permanent obesity surgery more difficult due to the foreign body reaction it creates. The expected weight loss after gastric bands is approximately 35-50% of excess weight. The patient is discharged the day after the procedure and the mortality rate related to the procedure is 0.05%.